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Students Set to Travel to China for Digital Skills Training Under Huawei Program

Twenty-five university students from various institutions across Kenya are set to embark on a one-week digital skills training in China. This opportunity is part of Huawei’s 2024 Seeds for the Future program.


These students form the tenth cohort to participate in the program since its inception in 2014 and mark the first group to resume physical training after four years of virtual sessions.

The Seeds for the Future initiative aims to nurture local ICT talent by enhancing knowledge transfer both locally and internationally. It seeks to foster a deeper understanding and interest in technology, encouraging participation in Kenya’s growing digital economy.

Through sharing ICT expertise and experiences in a global business environment, the program allows young individuals worldwide to learn about advanced technologies and develop ICT skills, contributing to the progress of the global ICT industry.

Past cohort of Kenyan Students under Huawei’s Seeds for the Future Program

Kenyan students will join their peers from around the globe in this enriching experience. In her keynote address, Dr. Beatrice Inyangala, Principal Secretary of Higher Education and Research, highlighted the Ministry of Education’s efforts to integrate technology into the learning process.

“The Seeds for the Future program provides Kenyan university students with essential digital skills, preparing them to engage with mainstream technologies and improving overall ICT proficiency,” she stated. Dr. Inyangala emphasized the program’s role in facilitating idea exchange and enhancing practical ICT skills.

Prior to their travel, the students completed a five-day virtual cloud training course conducted by a professional lecturer from the Huawei ICT Academy. They will also participate in a digital tour of Nairobi, visiting the Huawei training centre, Konza Technopolis, and other relevant sites before heading to China for a week-long digital and cultural immersion.

As part of the tour, they will work on a group project called Tech4Good, which leverages technology to address social and environmental issues. Winning teams at the global level will compete further with their international counterparts.

Thomas Bwaley, Director of Programmes and Standards at the ICT Authority, praised Huawei’s dedication to addressing the needs of students and the broader country through their programs.

“Digital skills are vital for the growth of the digital economy, encompassing professional competencies and citizen access to participate in the digital landscape,” Bwaley said. He noted the ICT Authority’s longstanding collaboration with Huawei in implementing the Seeds for the Future program and other digital skills initiatives.

Steven Zhang, Deputy CEO of Huawei Kenya, underscored the importance of talent in the growth and development of the ICT industry. “The rapidly evolving ICT industry requires a large number of technical staff to meet new challenges and leverage emerging technologies,” Zhang said.

He acknowledged the Ministry of Education’s support, which has enabled Huawei to establish partnerships with over 50 academic institutions in Kenya. Zhang added that the ICT Authority has been a partner in promoting the Seeds for the Future program since Huawei’s first MoU in 2014.

This initiative exemplifies the strong partnership between Huawei and Kenyan institutions in fostering ICT education and skills development, preparing students to contribute significantly to the country’s digital economy.


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