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Gen Z: The New Face of Revolution in Kenya

Today, young people flooded Nairobi’s CBD and major cities and towns in Kenya, to protest against the finance bill. This demonstration comes after similar gatherings on Tuesday and Wednesday. The hashtag “Occupy Parliament” has been trending concerning these protests. What stands out about these particular demonstrations is that they are unprecedented in the history of protests in Kenya.


The unique aspect is the age of the participants. Many are referring to it as the Gen Z revolution, and the protests have gained global popularity. It’s impressive how Kenyan youth organized themselves, using the power of social media and citizen journalism skills to participate in peaceful but impactful demonstrations.

Another feature setting these demos apart from the rest is the lack of a political hand instigating the youthful demonstrations. In previous years, some of our political leaders have orchestrated riots for their benefit, without considering the danger faced by the common citizen. These demonstrations showcase the people’s ability to unite and mobilize resources for the improvement of their lives.

The third observable difference between these demonstrations compared to its predecessors is their peaceful nature. One of the main rules of these demonstrations, as posted on social media, is the maintaining of peace. Participants are also urged not to engage in looting of any property. Despite the peaceful nature of the demonstrations, the police have resorted to taking an opposing approach by shooting tear gas canisters at the protesters.

The Kenyan youth are exercising their democratic right to protest. The cries of most Kenyans are about the high cost of living that has hit the country. “Punda Amechoka” (The donkey is tired) is a saying most Kenyans use to refer to their unwillingness to live in such a tough economic situation, with an even heavier financial burden being placed on their heads.

We now wait to see the outcome of the efforts of Kenya’s Gen Z, hoping for a brighter future.


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