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Divorce how to help your child cope

In many situations, relationships are bound to fall and break this goes for marriages too. In today’s society divorces have become very common and acceptable by people. The problem that follows divorce is the presence of children.


When divorce happens children are the ones always left in the middle hurt. Seeing the family they once had break makes them question if their parents truly love them. Children do not have an understanding of relationship dynamics like grownups do needing you to communicate at their level.

There are ways to bring up the conversation of divorce with your children, to enable them to process it better.

In the process of divorce between you and your partner, it is important to portray a united front in your children’s eyes. Make sure to have a meeting as a family to speak on the matter at hand. Emphasis on this is what is best for all of you as a family.

Make sure to tell your children that both of you love them and avoid blaming each other. Blame will create rage in the child towards one parent bringing strains to their relationship. Do not try to play the good parent for your selfish gains.

Listen to your children and how they feel about the situation. This will enable you to know where their stand is making it easier to deal with the situation moving forward. If your children are not able to express themselves taking them to counselling is a way to go.

Make a suitable arrangement on how both of you as parents will be spending time with the children. This will help the children feel loved despite the separation. Children find validation in their parent’s love this makes them feel important and appreciated.


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