Police, NYS and Prison Officers Get a Raise

Members of the National Police Service, National Youth Service and Kenya Prisons will get a 40 per cent salary raise.The National Taskforce on Improvement of Terms and Conditions of Service and other Reforms for members of the services had recommended the increment of the salaries to be spread over three years.


President William Ruto told the Salaries Remuneration Commission to create measures to make the necessary adjustments for the salary increments.

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The task force submitted a report that recommended the review of the salary, medical cover and welfare of the members in the departments. This task force led by, former Chief Justice David Maraga, handed the report to Ruto. This was after almost a year of its formulation.

Kenyan Police Marchin. Photo/COURTESY

Among the recommendations within the report, was the suggestion to align the three services to the security sector. The President, however, mentioned that some of the recommendations would need parliamentary legislation for them to be implemented. He additionally pointed out that some recommendations would take time while others would be implemented immediately.

The President further mentioned that the report cited corruption as the main menace within the three services. to this, he stated that the problem would be addressed accordingly.

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Among other issues are the leadership wrangles in the service. The report proposed that there be two entry points into the National Police Service, including the constable and cadet levels. The National Police Service Commission will determine the requirements for these two pathways.

“I assure our policemen and women of our commitment to improving the police service, including their remuneration and other terms of service,” Ruto said.

Maraga mentioned that there ought to be one person who would oversee the implementation of the recommendations mentioned in the report.

The National Taskforce

This task force was appointed on December 21, 2022, to identify the constraints on effective service delivery by the NPS and KPS.

It was also to review the human capital management and development policies with a view of examining and reviewing standards and practices in recruitment, deployment, transfers, training, career progression, performance-based and competitive promotions, reward, exit, and post-exit management and recommend implementation of changes that enhance morale, meritocracy and professionalism in the NPS and KPS.

The Maraga team was to assess and recommend the establishment of funds or schemes to cater for loss of life or injuries in the line of duty, terminal illness including mental health illness and possible legal and administrative framework to cater for NPS and KPS officers’ dependants.

It was further to assess and recommend improvement of working and living conditions of members of the services and assess the adequacy or otherwise of the current housing policy for members and where appropriate, recommend a review of the same including the recommendation for a housing mortgage for officers.

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