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Faith Kipyegon: On Motherhood and Breaking Records

Aside from breaking world records, Faith Kipyegon, also nicknamed, the GOAT has embarked on yet another challenging, but fulfilling journey, motherhood.


She gave birth to a daughter in 2018 who goes by the name of Alyn.
Kipyegon has worked hard to integrate her dual identities as an athlete and a mother. She is undoubtedly proud to be a mother. In an interview with The Continent, she speaks about her journey in motherhood and her experience dealing with ‘mom guilt’ while traveling around the world to run the tracks.

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Faith Kipyegon breaks women’s 1500m world record in Diamond League

Faith Kipyegon breaks women’s 1500m world record in Diamond League

Faith Kipyegon also says it was hard for her to lose weight after the birth of her daughter. She highlights that as one of the things she struggled with in her career but says that she chooses not to hide her stretch marks when she is on the tracks as that is her sign that she is proud to be a mother.

Faith Kipyegon at State House. Photo: COURTESY

Kipyegon describes instances where she has had to leave her child behind to be able to travel and break records for her country. She says that although she has been plagued by ‘mom guilt’ during these trips, she had to focus on the prize and always remember that she was doing it for her family. Faith Kipyegon says that she had to develop mental strength to get through the tough days when she was away from her family.

Faith Kipyegon
Faith Kipyegon on the track. Photo: COURTESY

I traveled to the USA for the Prefontaine Diamond League meet in
2019. It was hard! I kept telling myself that ‘this is for my career’, but while I was there she (Alyn) was all I could think about. Here is where mental
strength is important. You remind yourself that the career path you’ve chosen is your right as a woman, as a girl. You tell yourself that this is what I want to do with my life.

Kipyegon told The Continent.

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Five days a week, Kipyegon trains alone, apart from Alyn and her army-serving husband Timothy Kitum, who won bronze in the 800 meters at the 2012 Olympics. She wore a bracelet with the name of her daughter and the Kenyan flag’s colors for all three of her world records.


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