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Leave Brian Chira Alone: Nyako Tells Off Eve Mungai

Popular TikTok sensation Nyako has warned content creators against exploiting controversial TikToker Brian Chira’s situation for fame.


In one of her TikTok Live sessions, Nyako said that Kenyan content creators tend to use other people’s situations to get themselves fame and likes. She specifically singled out blogger Eve Mungai, Oga Obinna, and Presenter Ali as the content creators, telling them not to call embattled Brian Chira for interviews.

Nyako tells Eve Mungai to leave Brian Chira alone
Brian Chira. Photo: COURTESY

She doubled down and criticized Eve Mungai claiming that the YouTuber had become prideful after she became famous. She said that Eve Mungai had humble beginnings and complained that she drastically changed after fame by using people’s stories to enrich herself.

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These YouTubers, the number one YouTuber that we have built hapa Nairobi with our support singlehandedly and has risen to the top is Eve Mungai. I have never seen Eve Mungai donating to charity, and she will look for innocent content creators to use their stories to be more and more rich. Eve is very very selfish.

Nyako said.

Brian Chira was arrested for alleged defamation against fellow TikToker Azziad. It is reported that Brian was suspended from school after the incident. Nyako complained about content creators and told them that Brian Chira had already lost everything and there was no need for them to use his story if they did not intend to help him.

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Nyako told the bloggers to go and interview other people, like Akothee, who already have made a name for themselves, and stop bothering Brian Chira.


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