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Veteran Ex-KTN Presenter goes back to Teaching

Early this year in January, Mwalimu Frank Otieno left KTN after 15 years of service.


The former Kiswahili presenter has now embarked on a new journey at Daystar University, having joined KTN after leaving his previous job as a teacher.

Mwalimu Frank Otieno while at KTN.PHOTO COURTESY

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Otieno posted an update on his joining Daystar University’s School of Communication and his pride in being a teacher at the Department of Language and Performing Arts.

“It is my pride to return to the work I cherish. I am a teacher at the School of Communication, Department of Language and Performing Arts, Daystar University.

This came after Daystar University and Howard University in Washington DC, USA, collaborated to bring about a Swahili learning program.

 “Thank you, Daystar University, for the special assignment in the School of Communication, Department of Language & Performing Arts.” Frank Otieno wrote.

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“Students from Howard University, Washington DC, USA have come to Daystar University in Kenya for a Swahili learning program through the Faculty of Communication, Department of Language and Arts,” he said.

After two successful decades in his Journalism career, this marks a milestone for Mwalimu Frank Otieno.

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Returning to the education sector holds a special meaning for Otieno, considering his previous experience as a teacher in several schools before venturing into journalism. He initially joined KTN as a reporter and later took on roles as an editor and bureau chief overseeing six regions in Nyanza.

With his wealth of experience and passion for teaching, Otieno’s presence at Daystar University is expected to enrich the academic environment and inspire the next generation of communicators. His journey serves as a reminder of the value of pursuing one’s passions and embracing opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Otieno is delighted with the new path that brings him back to his roots.

Daystar University, renowned for its excellence in communication studies, continues to attract accomplished professionals like Otieno, further solidifying its reputation as a leading institution in the field.

As the Swahili learning program takes shape and Otieno settles into his role, students can look forward to an enriching educational experience guided by his expertise.


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