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Vocational courses : Ways to Tackle Graduates Unemployment

Following the increase in scrapping out of courses among universities, It should be noted that there are courses that are not beneficial to students in higher levels of learning institutions.


Some of these courses have led to decreased motivation among students, leading to massive number of drop outs.

In addition, some courses have few units thus leaving students with a lot of time to engage in either beneficial things or non beneficial. Beneficial things may include, starting a business or engaging in extracurricular activities like sports. While non beneficial things include abusing drugs and clubbing.

Vocational courses : Ways to Tackle Graduates Unemployment.
PHOTO/COURTESY: A group of students in one of their practical academic sessions.

However, just as higher levels of learning institutions have the chance to scrap out courses that are of no benefit.

It would be better if they would also introduce beneficial courses in the institutions. For instance, introduction of vocational courses in all higher levels of learning institutions as common courses.

With this in action, students in higher learning institutions will gain more skills and experience before graduating on their major courses. This will be possible since  most students do not have lectures during their weekends.

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Vocational courses such as carpentry, plumbing, culinary arts, cosmetology, construction and auto mechanic may reduce the rate of drop outs in higher levels of learning. This especially to those who would not wish to continue with the course they chose. This especially due to lack of interest or having no hopes to get employment after graduation.

Vocational courses : Ways to Tackle Graduates Unemployment.
PHOTO/COURTESY: Vocational courses : Ways to Tackle Graduates Unemployment.

In addition, these courses may also enhance or make the youth more aware of their talents. Thus enabling self employment among the youths even before graduating.

With these skills, the youth may also engage in inventions and innovations of different things, while being trained or while working on their projects and work.

Vocational courses may be a solution to reduce unemployment among the youths especially to graduates. This as vocational courses are easy to start from scratch individually with little capital needed. This if you compare to major courses like law and medicine.

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However, thanks to the government for subsidizing vocational training fees in TVET colleges and also for offering HELB loans to these students, some dreams are being fulfilled.


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