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Nakuru Bolsters Security Measures with Anti-Riot Police Presence

Anti-Riot police have been deployed in Nakuru on the road to court ahead of Maina Njenga’s Arraignment scheduled for today.


The Police have been deployed after a riot erupted when Maina Njenga had been summoned to issue a statement earlier last week.

Anti-Riot police deployed ahead of Maina Njenga's Arraignment.
Maina Njenga’s Arraignment set for today, PHOTO/Credit

The police have installed roadblocks on the way heading for the courthouse. These barriers have been put up to prevent his supporters from accessing the court and raising a riot that may harm the people in attendance of the court proceedings.

Maina Njenga faces criminal charges among them including his support of an organised criminal group. He is also charged with engagement in illegal and criminal activities as part of the criminal organisation. Moreover, Maina Njenga is being charged with possession of a military backpack strap which belongs exclusively to the National Police Service. This is said to either have been stolen or acquired illegally by him.

Aside from that, he faces charges for illegal possession of two firearms and over 90 rolls of bhang. These were found by the police during their search of his house to aid the investigation being carried out on him in Ngomongo, Bahati.

The DCI detectives grilled him on Thursday in Nairobi after he was accused of being part of an organised criminal group. In addition to that, they grilled him for ‘encouraging support’ of the controversial Mungiki group. This group has had a history of violent crimes against the citizens of Kenya alongside criminal and illegal activities in the region.

Anti-Riot police: DP Gachagua’s stand on Maina Njenga

This comes days after DP Gachagua vows to deal firmly with Maina Njenga and the Mungiki Gang as a whole. He issues warnings as some of the leaders in the Mt Kenya region raise concerns over the possible resurgence of the Mungki group. The resurgence of this group is a threat to the security and economic growth of the county as a whole.

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File/Courtesy: Rigathi Gachagua, Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya

“There is no way this criminal gang will be allowed to operate anywhere in this country. We are fully aware of the history of their heinous acts where they murdered, raped, or circumcised women and extorted money from the public,” The Deputy said.

This warning was issued at a service set up in honour of the retiring African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa (AIPCA) Archbishop Julius Njoroge in Thika Cathedral. In attendance were over 20 lawmakers, among them five senators and two governors who raised the issue of the possible resurgence of the group.

In court, Martha Karua, Jeremiah Kioni and his lawyer, Ndengwa Njiru were seen accompanying him to court. Maina Njenga’s supporters were spotted miles from the courthouse waiting for the verdict to be reached by the court.

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