Eric Omondi: Do Not Tax Content Creators and Young People

The president of comedy and activist Eric Omondi has once again addressed the government, on behalf of content creators, the youths, and online media, demanding that they should not be taxed.

“William Samoei Ruto, the Kenyan Government, Kenyan parliament, do not attempt to tax content creators and the online media” Eric Omondi said in his statement.


Eric Omondi also mentioned that majority of the youth are suffering, as the government continues to press the common Mwananchi, with taxes from Unga prices, to fuel bills, to sugar prices, and are still pushing the youths into a corner of debt and hunger.

He also went ahead to remind the president, of the many promises he has not delivered to Mama Mboga, the youths, and Boda Boda workers who are now being drained by the many taxes.

The statement has been received by netizen as many joined and agreed on the comment section of being in support.

“I support this manze…sasa adi kutumia akili yangu nalipia 15%”  Ma_shatv  commented.

Eric Omondi is not the only one who has warned the government of Kenya about its crackdown on dissent.

In recent months, there have been several arrests and detentions of journalists, bloggers, and activists. The government has also been accused of using violence to suppress protests.

Erics warning comes at a time that Kenyans are feeling the great burden of taxes, as the government continue to add on, as has been in the recent talks of an additional 3% of the house levy.

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