Chinese Schools Use AI-Powered Headbands to track students’ concentration

In a controversial move, schools in China are using AI-powered headbands to monitor students’ concentration levels during class.


The viral video of students wearing these headbands has gone viral on social media, raising concerns about privacy and surveillance.

The students can be observed wearing headbands that monitor their level of focus, which can be transformed into comprehensive reports for teachers and guardians to analyze their learning abilities more effectively.

If the student is distracted, the headband emits a blue light, while a white light indicates that the student is not paying attention.

Chinese students using AI-Powered Headbands/ PHOTO/ Courtesy

Furthermore, the classrooms are equipped with AI-driven robots that track the students’ physical and mental engagement levels.

The students also wear uniforms embedded with chips that enable their locations to be monitored. The classroom cameras keep a record of students’ frequency of phone usage and yawning during class.

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According to reports, the headbands use sensors to track brain activity and can determine whether a student is paying attention or not.

Teacher tracking Chinese students using AI-Powered Headbands/ PHOTO/ Courtesy

If a student’s attention level drops below a certain threshold, the teacher is alerted, and the student may be asked to take a break or participate in activities designed to improve their focus.

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While some parents and educators have praised the use of this technology, others are expressing concern about the potential for abuse and invasion of privacy.

Critics worry that the data collected by the headbands could be used to track and monitor students’ behavior and emotions, leading to potential exploitation.

AI-technology/ PHOTO/ Courtesy

Twitter users have different opinions about the technology.

One said: “This look like the opening scene of a Sci-Fi horror movie!” Another responded saying, “Ouch…someday they will succumb to the pressure ..if not they, their parents would for sure.”

One user wrote, “This video encapsulates the beginning of unforeseeable adversity regarding technological advancements, much like a Black Mirror episode. Well said AR sir, time will tell whether it’s a blessing or a curse.”

Another user responded to Rahman’s tweet, “The problem is, these are built not to help the students but excite/fear the parents.”

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Despite the concerns, the Chinese government has been actively promoting the use of AI in education, with a goal to build a world-class education system by 2050.

It remains to be seen how the use of these headbands will affect students’ academic performance and mental health in the long term, and whether other countries will adopt similar measures in the future.


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