Beyoncé, Halsey: Cheating Scandals That Rocked Celebrity Relationships


Celebrity relationships are a constant reminder that no one is immune to heartache, even those who appear to have it all.


In the world of fame and fortune, infidelity scandals often capture the attention of fans and the media, shedding light on the complexities of love and commitment.

In 2014, rumors about Jay-Z’s infidelity began to circulate, and later he confirmed these allegations during a media interview. He attributed his actions to childhood issues and personal trauma. Despite these challenges, the couple, who have been married since 2008, have always strived to maintain privacy regarding their marital problems.

Beyoncé, Halsey: Cheating Scandals That Rocked Celebrity Relationships.
Beyonce and Jay Z. Photo: COURTESY

Together, they are the proud parents of three beautiful children: Blue Ivy, as well as twins Sir and Rumi. Beyoncé’s unwavering talent and undeniable charisma have garnered immense admiration throughout her career. She stands as a symbol of strength and success, making it all the more unexpected for anyone to fathom her experiencing infidelity.

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In 2018, Halsey announced their split via Instagram, leaving their fans heartbroken as they had admired the couple’s relationship. Throughout their time together, Halsey and G-Eazy openly displayed their affection for each other in public. However, in a moment during a live performance on SNL in 2019, Halsey—whose real name is Ashley—officially confirmed the infidelity allegations.

Beyoncé, Halsey: Cheating Scandals That Rocked Celebrity Relationships.
G-Eazy and Halsey at New York Fashion Week, 2017. Photo: Sean Zanni, Patrick McMullan

The singer confirmed that G-Eazy cheated on her in different cities across the country.

As she performed her hit song ‘Without Me’, words were projected on a wall behind her, the words read:

“Ashley, I cheated. At home in L.A., In Miami, New Orleans, In Austin, In Chicago. I’m Sorry.”

While Halsey faced criticism for addressing the issue on a public platform, her fans praised her courage and honesty.

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Fans were taken by surprise when Cardi B shared a post on Instagram, revealing that she intended to file for divorce from Offset due to his infidelity.

Beyoncé, Halsey: Cheating Scandals That Rocked Celebrity Relationships.
Offset and Cardi B. Photo: DimiTrios Kambouris

The announcement instantly sparked widespread discussions and emotions among netizens. Over time, though, Cardi B came under fire from certain people who condemned her for sticking with Offset despite his transgressions.

In an interview with Vogue, Cardi B addressed the claims that she takes her marriage vows seriously and that deciding to leave a marriage is not easy, especially with children involved.

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These prominent cheating stories serve as a reminder that even those in the public eye experience relationship difficulties.


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