Pritty Vishy exposes people who want her in the Adult content industry

Pritty Vishy

Pritty Vishy expressed her fear and disappointment in people who wanted her to work and perform in the local Adult content industry.


In her Instagram stories, she revealed that some strangers are messaging her directly to pitch the idea of working in the Adult content industry.

Pritty Vishy says that she always turns them down but they keep asking her to consider the idea.

Pritty Vishy
Pritty Vishy File/COURTESY

She lamented that when she blocks them the strange people find another number and continue to taunt her and ask her to participate. Pritty Vishy expressed that she is scared for her safety and that the taunting has been continuing for over five months.

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“The way I get DMs and calls from unknown people telling me to go and meet them at a certain location to act pawn if I block them they look for another number am even afraid now, to be honest, it has been over five months of getting such DMs on my WhatsApp am I even safe,” Pritty Vishy wrote.

Pritty Vishy then revealed the evidence over a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation with the alleged stranger asking her to perform in adult content. The stranger described that they were looking for voluminous women to take the role and he went ahead and offered KSh 600,000 if she was willing to participate in his project.

When Pritty Vishy turned his offer down he asked if she is willing to do a hookup with his clients for KSh 50,000 for three hours persuading her by saying they will make money.

“50k for 3 hours, we are looking for thick ladies, no one will know it’s you,” the anonymous individual attempted to convince Pritty Vishy via WhatsApp.

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