Huddah Monroe On why she stopped creating social media content

Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe’s fans and followers noticed that the social media influencer and content creator stopped making content on her socials. Huddah addresses this by saying that it is mentally exhausting for content creators to not get the credit they deserve.


When a content creator makes original content it does not gain much attention. However, if someone copies the same content they gain a following and money without crediting the original creator.

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Huddah believes that this is the reason why Kenya has many social media influencers and content creators but no new fresh original content. Everyone is doing the same thing.

“Creatives are not tired or silent but it is mentally exhausting to come up with things that people downplay only for others to make money later on the same,” Huddah Said.

Huddah Monroe File/COURTESY

Huddah gives the TikTok app as an example. Huddah said that The TikTok application only works for certain communities and the app is useless to Kenyan creatives and innovators.

TikTok does not benefit Kenyan creatives as it benefits other creatives in the west. Some creatives get money from TikTok and make a living.

However Kenyan creatives rarely get this opportunity because all content is the same for all creatives and content creators.

“Like TikTok is pure nonsense unless you are on Chinese TikTok or educative TikTok,” Huddah Said.

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