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Willy Ambaka To Retire From International Rugby 7’s


Willy Ambaka has announced his retirement from International Rugby after 13 successful years of dominating the sport, both locally and internationally.


In a statement, the renowned rugby player said that the Sydney 7’s will be his Final leg.

“After Thirteen incredible years playing for the Kenya Rugby Union. I’m beginning to understand that while pursuing great things, it is the pursuit that holds the greatest value. While it has been a tremendous journey, now it is time to pull the curtains on my International Rugby 7’s Journey. This is why I have come to the decision that I will be playing my final leg in Sydney this season.” Read the statement by Willy Ambaka.

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The 32-year-old is proud of the many strides he has had so far in his career.

“As a schoolboy, I could only dream of achieving some of the things I have achieved. I couldn’t have imagined how many highs and lows the journey would entail, and I cherish every moment as they made me who I am.”

Rugby star Willy Ambaka to retire after 13 years

“Whether off the pitch or on the pitch, I hold many experiences close to my heart some of which include winning the final in Singapore in 2016, Playing in two Olympic Games, two Commonwealth Games, and three Rugby 7s world cups.” read the statement

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Ambaka made his debut in 2011 after the Kenya Harlequins ‘ strength and conditioning coach, Geoffrey Kimani, recommended Ambaka to the Kenya 7’s head coach, Benjamin Ayimba.

He also thanked everyone he has played with or against and those who have also watched him play in his career.

His announcement comes in barely a week after his ally in the sport, Collins Injera officially announced his exit from the sport after 17 years on the field.

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