The Promising Future of In-Game Advertising


Experts to help advertisers understand what the future has in store for the fast-growing in-game advertising industry.


This industry promises a bright future, with gamers representing a unique and broad audience, through understanding what is achievable today and what opportunities tomorrow will hold, advertisers are in a position to thrive.

Gaming is steaming up now and is hailed the next borderline for the advertising industry. 81% of media buyers are planning to increase in-game Ad in the next 12 months, as 93% of media buyers plans to run in-game advertising by 2025.

The Promising Future of In-Game Advertising

Gamers have skyrocketed over the last few years, partially driven by the pandemic – to now total over 3.1 billion. With the inrush of these new gamers, we now better understand who they are and the massive potential this market holds.

In-game advertising have fabricated the best opportunities for advertisers to expand their reach following the meteoric growth, as gaming audiences are largely unexploited despite their size, diversity, and high levels of engagement.

It is estimated that most gamers are male console players making up to 2.8 billion of the 3 billion global gamers. Both genders (Male and Female) play on mobile. 

The prior presumption of what Gamers are, need to change, as it is crucial that advertisers begin to break the notions, and engage with gamers in a meaningful way.

Gamers tend to be more receptive to advertising, which can be attributed to the non-disruptive format of many in-game advertisements.

According to a report by e-marketer, 69% of gamers actively avoid advertisements, while 7 in 10 UK gamers are positive or neutral in their feelings about in-game advertising.

This is a monumental opportunity for brands to reach audiences who tend to be more welcoming towards them.

Metaverse Prompt

The future of in-game advertising has metaverse as a key fixture in the conversation. This makes sense considering gaming is one of the best ways for brands and agencies to enter the metaverse.

The Promising Future of In-Game Advertising

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Gaming and the metaverse are inherently linked as gamers have become familiar with the virtual world, as many argue that gaming is an obvious entry point.

In the metaverse, gamers become synonymous with consumers, and this intersection is not something to be ignored in the future of brands’ in-game advertising strategies.

Brands and agencies target gaming audience to seize opportunities, with the big brands making moves in this space across mobile, desktop, and gaming consoles.

Growth and interest in the gaming space is expanding based on the quantity and scale of gaming with content also increasing. This encompasses not only blogs, guides, and tutorials, but also news, streaming, and e-sports.

E-sports like Fandom, the world’s largest entertainment and gaming fan platform, has 40 million different content pages for its 300 million monthly users. This expansion of content opens up new doors for potential engagement.

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