Machakos University Closed Following Students Unrest

Machakos University has been closed indefinitely following students riots and engaging police in running battles on Wednesday, December 7.

The students’ riots at the University just comes hours after students went on a rampage after an alarm about the student who was shot by a stray bullet during Monday’s demonstrations succumbed at the Machakos Level 5 Hospital.

PHOTO/COURTESY:Machakos University has been closed indefinitely following the rioting of the Students on Wednesday, December 7, hence engaging Police Officers in running battles.

In a signed Memo to all University students, Vice Chancellor Lucy Irungu said that the decision was informed by the evolving Security matters around the Institution.

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According to the Institution’s Vice Chancellor, a Special meeting was called upon convened on Wednesday morning hours over the closure of the university with immediate effect.

PHOTO/COURTESY:Machakos University Closed Following Students Unrest.

At the Machakos University premises, students have been advised to vacate the Institution with immediate effect, with the university stating in a Memo that further Communication about the continuing of studies will be communicated.

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