Ksh 730M More for 2022 World Cup Champions

World Cup champions in 2022 will receive Sh5.1 billion.

World Cup champions in 2022 will receive Ksh 5.1 billion. This is approximately Ksh 3.3 billion more than what Italy took home in Germany in 2006, and it is Ksh 732 million more than what France received in 2018 in Russia.

Each team that Qualified for the world cup pocketed Ksh 146.4 Million and a team that will lose in the round of 16 will get an additional Ksh 1.58 billion.

Sh732 Million More For World Cup Champions In 2022

Quarter-final losers will pocket Ksh 2.07 billion each. Third and fourth-place finishers will get Ksh 3.29 billion and Ksh 3.05 billion, respectively.

Winners and the runners-up will take home an additional Ksh 5.12 billion and Ksh 3.66 billion respectively.

In 2018, winners pocketed Ksh 4.63 billion, runners-up Ksh 3.41 billion, and bronze medalists Ksh 2.93 billion. The fourth place came with Ksh 2.69 billion, positions 5-8 Ksh 1.95 billion, positions 9-16 Ksh 1.47 billion, and positions 17-32 Ksh 977.2 million.

Every day a player participates in the competition, each club represented will get pay totaling Ksh 1.22 million.

Payment commences two weeks before the World Cup and concludes one day after a team has finished its run in the competition. If a player from a club makes it to the final, the club will receive Ksh 45.103 million.

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Clubs with the most representation will pocket much through the FIFA Club Benefits Programme.

The world cup is the most watched football event in the world as this year they are anticipating around 5 billion people will watch.

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The figures have just come out days after the media put out that the 2022 world cup is the most expensive world cup organized.

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