Africa’s healthcare exhibition gears up for a new chapter

Health; The African continent welcomes the healthcare exhibition 2022 with an upper hand of health concerned benefits such as the ‘Transformation Zone’ for the processor upgrade South Africa.


Footage (Africa’s healthcare exhibition gears up for a new chapter).

Figuring out, Africa’s economies and health systems beginning to recover from the deadly Covid-19 pandemic, the region’s magnificent focus must be outlined according to the near future goals.

Notably, the identified goals such as reducing child mortality rates, improving maternal care, and achieving Africa’s-wide UHC coverage at large.

Furthermore, in order to achieve the SDG goals to which African countries have committed – especially achieving Africa’s wide UHC coverage, hence giving the continent a new face to prioritize the accessibility, quality, and resilience of its healthcare systems going to the next level.

Despite the fact of bearing 25% of the global disease burden, Africa is served by only 2% of the world’s healthcare professionals. 

Significantly, the solutions to curb the continent’s health challenges are simply identified and they include improving quality, strengthening health systems, committed leadership; human resources quality and capacity; and cooperating technology in healthcare. 

The event organizer for the 11th Annual Africa Health Conference Cynthia Makarutse said in a statement that the pursuit of solutions will drive the Conference.

“Working hand in hand as a team will smartly bring together healthcare industry influencers and highly ranked leaders from various disciplines to facilitate the advancement of healthcare in the region,” she explained. 

Simply on a high note, the event makes a return to in-person gatherings after last year’s fully online offering services due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Giving a roadmap, the congress will caster on the continent’s healthcare professionals and policymakers who will significantly discuss and debate, and also share strategies that will definitely shape the future of medicine in Africa at large.

On the other hand, the point of concern is the conference themes this year 2022 include Localizing the Supply Chain, Technology and Digital, The Evolving Role of Nurses, Innovation in Population Health, and Revamping Health Systems.

Additionally, the 2022 Congress which runs from 26 – 28 October at Johannesburg’s Gallagher Convention Centre in South Africa, is expected to host over 8000 people representing 56 countries.

Providing a roadmap, the conference program has been geared towards cultivating sound governance, promoting the adoption of UHC principles, and ensuring that all African people have access to quality healthcare. 

Also, the event promises to provide a vibrant networking platform upon which to present the latest offerings and innovations. 

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