Zari Hassan’s younger lover set to meet her father and pay dowry

Zari Hassan's younger lover set to meet her father and pay dowry
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Controversial couple Zari Hassan and her 11-year-old younger boyfriend Shakib Cham Lutaayaa are not letting other people’s opinions on their relationship stop them from moving forward.

The South Africa-based Ugandan socialite has revealed that her younger boyfriend, is asking to meet her father to proceed with the dowry-paying process.

Zari revealed this in a video of the two being lovey-dovey and speaking in a local Ugandan dialect, saying that Shakib was prepared to meet with her father and request her hand in marriage.

Zari and her boyfriend Shakib

“Shakib told me yesterday that he wants to meet with my father. He wants to ask for my hand in marriage,

“To those who said our relationship will end in premium tears, go back to your witch doctors and ask for your monies back. The witchcraft did not work,” she said as revealed by Nairobi News.

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In a similar article, the mother of five was happy with her new appearance after having put on some weight and attributes it to her partner Shakib Lutaaya.

The socialite pokes fun at haters in a TikTok video she shared and celebrates the mental stability that has allowed her to gain weight, which she credits to her romance with Lutaaya.

“I’m starting to grow big. I see the cheek. I have given myself a lot of peace. Mr. Lutaaya you’re giving me a lot of peace, because, people, let me tell you about peace of mind, let me tell you about peace of mind, that one, no matter what you do, you grow big, even when you are not eating,” Zari said.

“Mr. Lutaaya whatever you are doing, add more. Add me another dose, whatever you are doing because they are working, they are working. Even those bewitching are frustrated, they need a refund. I still have my peace, go and ask for a refund.”

Since she began dating Lutaaya, 30, Zari, 41, has vacillated between being aggressive and defensive as backlash grows over people’s perceptions that he is significantly younger than she and therefore fit to be her son.

Most people assumed Shakib Lutaaya, who is occasionally quietly bossed around by Zari in public places, was in his twenties; however, Zari, fed up with being perceived as a cougar taking advantage of a toyboy, chose to reveal their ages.

She has also made videos in which she claims that because her lover wants a relationship, her age won’t matter.

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