Soweto: Venezuelan, Jose Carmago was uploading forms on IEBC portal

Form 34A alleged to be doctored in the IEBC Public portal.
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A lawyer representing Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga, Lawyer Julie Soweto, presented evidence before the Supreme Court on the penultimate day of the presidential petition hearing to prove that a Venezuelan was shockingly seen live uploading Form 34A on the IEBC public portal.

Lawyer Julie Soweto questioned Jose Camargo’s role, contending that he “determined the final results of the presidential results.”

In the course of Friday’s proceedings, Soweto showed the seven-judge bench some of the public portal’s forms, among them one from a voting station in Murang’a county that featured the Venezuelan’s name in the top left corner.

Azimio lawyer Julie Soweto. PHOTO/Courtesy
Azimio lawyer Julie Soweto. PHOTO/Courtesy

“My Lords, you can see we are making up the hacking story.”

“You can see for yourselves, and we are saying this is the person who determined the final outcome of the presidential election,” she said referring form from Kangema’s Muguru polling station.

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Soweto sought for instances of what she called “massive interference”—calculations that did not match the number of votes cast, voters registered, and votes assigned to each presidential candidate—in some of the forms she displayed.

“If we had more time, I could have demonstrated more on the massive interference that was done on the public portal,” She said before President-Elect William Ruto made a statement disapproving to the protest.

However, Chief Justice Martha Koome overturned him, claiming that Soweto was responding to a query from the justices about how the alleged interference was carried out.

According to Lawyer Paul Mwangi, representing Raila, said Camargo was one of the three Venezuelans arrested by detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) on charges of planning to interfere with the election.

“We believe that these are the fingerprints of one of the suspects in the theft of this election,” Mwangi submitted.

Even though the commission claimed that the venezuelan was unable to access the IEBC system, lawyer Julie Soweto questioned how he was able to upload the form.

“We were told that the foreigners left, we were told that they didn’t access the server, then why is the name Jose Camargo appearing on a form on the IEBC portal?” Soweto submitted.

She submitted that Jose Camargo interfered in several forms, hence altering and manipulating the presidential result.

“In our view, Jose Camargo is the one who decided the President-elect of this country,” she stated.

Further, Soweto claim to have evidence that more than 11,000 Forms 34A were were transmitted through the same IP address.

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