KeNHA, Compliance on axle load limit is impressive


The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) says compliance with the permitted axle load limit on the Northern Corridor has risen by 99 percent.

The operations manager in charge of the Gilgil weighbridge Jackson Kimuyu declared that public sensitization on the overloading menace by the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) and other government agencies has contributed to high levels of compliance.

Mariakani Weigh Bridge

Kimuyu further noted that sand trucks and other loose cargo transporters are still flouting the rules and urged them to stop the habit.

“Some road users like sand trucks do not comply. We will continue to engage them,” he said.

He said the introduction of the weigh-in-motion has eradicated traffic jams at Gilgil weighbridge and said only 30 percent of the trucks are turned into the static weighbridge for axle load enforcement.

“Weigh in motion has increased efficiency on the northern corridor by more than 90 percent in the last five years,” Kimuyu said.

He said KeNHA and the contracted weighbridge management companies were holding meetings to sensitize transporters, Judiciary, and the public to improve compliance and minimize delays.

Truck drivers interviewed however want the government to construct by-pass at all weighbridges to separate trucks from other motorists.

KeNHA has since 2011 reformed the operations of all weighbridges in Kenya by introducing private firms to operate the weigh stations in Kenya.

The axle load enforcement unit has engaged the Kenya Transporters Association (KTA), the Kenya Association of Manufacturers(KAM), and the Kenya Private Sector Alliance(KEPSA) to enhance compliance.

Kimuyu said the stakeholder engagement complies with the Constitution of Kenya‘s requirement for continuous public participation.
The inspection continues to other areas in the country.

Some transporters have been complaining the fines are penalizing, and they also complain of being detained for long whenever they are caught with overloaded lorries, an issue the authorities said is necessary.

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The authority has dozens of police officers attached to them to help in enforcing some of the laws.

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