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Russia’s Foreign Minister visits Ethiopia


Diplomats of both African states and the rest of the world flocked to the Russian embassy in Addis Ababa Ethiopia to hear from Russia’s foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov.


The foreign minister said Russia does not want any further bloodshed in Ukraine and hopes to see an amicable solution to the conflict soon. Lavrov said that the western has escalated conflict in Ukraine by shifting weapons to the Nation and following dangerous policies toward the country.

Russian embassy, Addis Ababa Ethiopia

“’For the last 10 long years they have been drawing attention of the united states and its elites  to their unacceptable  policy which they have been promoting on  Ukraine, building Ukraine as a strong hold  to concurring Russia pumping  more and more modern arms to Ukraine planning to build rival and  military base  in that country” ”Sergey lavrow said.

On the economic front, Russia has implemented a policy of selling its goods including oils and gas to most western nations through its currency rube. Sergey Lavrov emphasized that the reliance use of the dollar must end.

Russian Foreign Minister Ethiopia

“”The reliance on  dollar as the instruments supporting the world economy is not very promising  frankly speaking  and it is not by incident that more countries are  shifting to using alternative currencies , national currencies  more and more  this process will be gaining momentum,”  Sergey Lavrov said.

The officials discussed ways of bolstering bilateral ties and international issues. During the discussion, President Sahle-Work stressed that Ethiopia and Russia need to expand their political relations in economy, trade, agriculture, and energy, among other spheres. She added that the multilateral system of international relations must also be examined and renewed.

Russia supports the permanent membership of Africa to the UN Security Council, it was learned. Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Demeke also conferred with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on various issues of mutual interest.

He also said that Russia did not want more bloodshed and hoped to see an amicable solution. Those from the west questioned the minister as to why there was no clear explanation for the bloodshed in Ukraine but all in all, hoped for the war to end sooner than later.



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