Kisumu Red Zoned by US Embassy

Kisumu is marked red zone by US Embassy in electioneering period
Kisumu has been pointed out as a hotspot during the electioneering period as the embassy cautions its citizens against traveling to the city for now.
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Kisumu has been pointed out as a hotspot during the electioneering period as the United States Embassy cautions its citizens against travelling to the city.

The US Embassy has communicated to its citizens about a need to avoid Kisumu during this electioneering period citing a probable occurrence of violence.

Citizens have been urged by US Embassy to avoid travelling to the lakeside city and avoid crowds as well as demonstrations in reference to the past elections.

The August Polls are just five days away and have seen a rise in the heat among campaigners and citizens as everyone anticipates a win.

Through a statement from the Embassy, the demonstrations are usually violent which calls for police intervention that is most frequently a pose of danger to lives.

“Out of an abundance of caution, the Embassy has imposed movement restrictions on personnel in Kisumu. The State Department reminds U.S. citizens of the continued need for sustained vigilance,” read the statement in part.

Urging citizens to keep off : the streets demonstrations, displaying jewellery and watches for they are deemed as expensive.

The Embassy further emphasized the need to review one’s personal security plans. Have travel documents up to date and easily accessible. Carry proper identification, including a copy of the bio-page of your U.S. passport with a copy of a current Kenyan visa.

Measures stipulated are aimed at ensuring the safety of the people during the conduction of the elections in case of any unanticipated outcomes.

The embassy has also reached out cautioning on a need for monitoring of the local media updates in relation to the news of the election.

This being a dire time the calls for promotion of peace and dire confirmation of information before sharing it to the people as it might lead to incites and hatred.

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