Hayat Hotel in Mogadishu Under Siege Attack

Hayat Hotel under siege in Mogadishu
Hayat Hotel in Mogadishu Somalia was attacked and under siege by Islamic militants, last night at midnight with casualties rising from ten to fifteen.
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The attack on the Hayat Hotel in Mogadishu Somalia by Islamic militants last night at midnight and is still ongoing is said to have seen casualties rise from ten to fifteen.

Al-Shabaab militants have stormed Hayat Hotel at the strategic K-4 junction in Mogadishu, multiple sources confirmed the attack as prominent persons are said to be within the premises.

Hayat Hotel is a home for most prominent politicians and businessmen as most of them have been trapped within the building as the Al-Shabaab laid siege on the building.

The attack is believed to be instigated by 3 Al-Shabaab attackers armed with machine guns and grenades as well as homemade bombs.

According to the government officers’ reports, up to 16 people are dead as 40 have been left wounded and are receiving treatment at Madina Hospital.

Security officers from the forces have been conducting operations to get rid of the attackers from the hotel since many people are still trapped within the building.

An explosion on the rooftop of Hayat Hotel

The stand-off has had residents of the area around the K-4 junction by the Hayat Hotel hear consistent gunshots since last night as the security forces exchange fire with the attackers.

Italy has made its stand condemning the hideous terrorist attack on Hayat Hotel that has claimed lives as it’s astonishing that the siege has taken a toll for hours.

Further sent condolences to the families of victims, wishes fast and full recovery to the wounded urging the people to take heart.

Based on police reports the exchange of fire battle between the troops with the Al-Shabaab attackers is still active, and some are wearing suicide vests.

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