Climate change adversely affects businesses: Why you should worry

Climate change impact on business and food crisis
Climate change has incessantly had a major impact on the day-to-day operations as well as the growth and decline of businesses

Climate change has incessantly had a major impact on the day-to-day operations as well as the growth and decline of businesses. The SEC’s 2010 report indicates that climate change is expected to change weather patterns throughout the world.

The change in global temperatures and extreme weather events such as storms, floods, drought, and wildfires have since been recorded globally.

This, according to the Deloitte Insight report has shown that climate change has a direct correlated impact on 70 percent of all economic sectors worldwide.

Today, many companies and businesses are reeling from its effects, in Kenya for instance, erratic shifts in the seasons have affected farmers during planting times. This has seen reduced production of ago-based products occasioned by rampant droughts.

The ripple effect is immense, we see a change in inflation rates due to a rise in product prices, and at times a lack or low supply of the major products has majorly affected the populations globally tormented in hunger.

Moving into the corporate world, we see thousands of companies going green, and restructuring their facilities. Some companies have been required to spend significant amounts of money on upgrades to polluting facilities.

Witnessed are the efforts by world leaders to ensure that this menace is combated and dealt with.

Even though the big question is if they arrived at solutions during the CoP26 have all been implemented? In case not then what is the way forward since talk has not made much of a transition in curbing the climate change effect?

Perhaps the continued adversity of global warming and climate change reigning is a call for change in measures set up to deal with its dangers seen.

Its time that the people suffering its major impacts were directly involved in the process of executing measures that will bring about a better world. That is in planting trees, doing smart farming, and even delving into agroforestry.

Through empowering and involving people who suffer first-hand, the probable cause might be easily tamed rather than numerous talks and funds that never reach community levels at most times.

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