A fresh Petition to the Supreme Court by Kenya Kwanza

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Speaking to the media on Thursday, August 9, a Kenya kwanza representative confirmed a Petition presented to the Supreme Court to defend the (IEBC) declaration on Presidential results.

“They are enjoining to support that the process that IEBC used to manage the elections was fair and transparent and to support the win of William Ruto.

Kenya Kwanza files a petition in the Supreme Court.

“Sometimes when you look at a process like the Supreme Court, it is the major parties that get heard but individual voters get lost in the process,” stated the source.

In a press release dated August 25, the party argued that they are encouraging the farmers’ voices during the Supreme Court proceedings.

The petition was empowered by the affidavits from Nyakera and five other petitioners who introduced themselves as farmers drawn from various counties.

“The Farmers Party presented to the Supreme Court of Kenya, a petition to enjoin itself to the 2022 presidential Elections Petition, to ensure that the rights of farmers are protected and their voices are heard.

“Farmers form over 65% of Kenya’s voters and they fulfilled their civic duty on 9th August 2022, by waking up to vote for their candidates of choice,” read the statement in part.

During the petition’s presentation, Nyakera, the Chairperson of the Farmers Party, maintained that the election was free, fair, and transparent as conducted by IEBC.

He further claimed that his support for the IEBC is because he lost in a bid to become Murang’a governor but still trusted the electoral process.

“I was a gubernatorial candidate in Murang’a County, and though I was not successful, I can confirm that IEBC conducted the election in a verifiable, fair, and transparent manner.

The 2022 elections have set a new bar for open governance in elections, that Africa can emulate,” Nyakera explained.

In his petition, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga named IEBC alongside others as respondents claiming that the election results were manipulated before Ruto was announced the winner after attaining the requisite 50 percent plus one vote.

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Odinga is seeking to be declared the winner through a recount or have the results nullified to allow for a run-off.

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