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Explosive like Device Spotted in Tom Mboya Street

A explosive-like device was spotted on Tom Mboya street placed by the


Nairobians were left in dismay and in tension as one of the security guards manning Ebony House on Taveta lane, Tom Mboya street, noticed an explosive like device.

In the company of the passers-by, they began taking pictures and videos of the scene till when the officers arrived to secure the zone.

The explosive like device is a potential threat that has seen intervention by the officers from the central police station who have cordoned off the area awaiting a bomb expects to take over the scene.


Members of the public have been warned from accessing the area as the Bomb squad team arrives at the site where the suspected explosive device was sighted.

Upon arrival, the Bomb squad commenced steps to examining the device cautiously to try to avoid a detonation.



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