PSV madness! Another matatu overturns at Nairobi Expressway Entrance

Another accident occurred yet on the Nairobi Expressway in
Westlands, after a 33-seater PSV matatu overturned in the early
hours of the morning.

SuperMetro Bus overturned at Expressway entrance Westlands. courtesy

A Super Metro Bus headed for town was said to have been speeding before overturning and blocking the entrance to the toll station, that serves motorists joining and exiting the Expressway at Westlands near Lion Place.

It forced the police to intervene trying to control the traffic that had built up.

A tow vehicle arrived at the scene to assist in removing the bus from the scene of the accident and clear the busy road

There was no casualty suffered, though several passengers sustained serious injuries and had to be rushed to health centers.

The accident comes barely a day after a Public Service Vehicle (PSV) crashed into the Mlolongo toll station.

The CCTV footage released moments after the accident showed an Embassava Sacco matatu at high speed ramming into a white SUV that
was exiting the toll station.

Kenyans are now concerned over the safety of the newly built Expressway following the multiple accidents both in connection with PSVs getting access to the Nairobi Expressway.




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