Shock as James Bond makes an appearance

A viral video of an unidentified man hanging on Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya’s helicopter has sparked social media to life with people now referring to him as ‘James Bond wa Meru.’

The incident occurred at Kiegoi market in Meru County, where the Cabinet Secretary was urging Kenyans to vote for Raila Odinga, in the upcoming General Election.

The guy was spotted dangling and waving to the crowd from the helicopter shortly after it took off, as residents shouted at the pilot to land the chopper while others cheered him on.

The pilot lowered the chopper only for ‘James Bond wa Meru’ to take almost a minute to let go.

The crowd was furious at the man, but he was spared from mob justice by a few people begging the mob to release him.

Kenyans responded with humorous remarks on the video.

The event is identical to one that occurred five years ago when a man named Julius Muitari hanged on Raila Odinga’s helicopter after he had campaigned in Meru, Igembe Central Sub County.

Julius informed reporters that whatever he did was motivated by his love for the Azimio La Umoja Leader.

He was however arrested for putting his life at stake.

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