Betty Kyallo’s reality TV show to premiere soon on Showmax

Betty Kyallo’s fans can now keep up with their favorite fashion designer, entrepreneur, and media personality, as she delves into her personal life in a new reality show.


The Reality TV show will focus on the media icon and her two sisters Mercy and Gloria Kyallo and is set to premiere on June 17, on Showmax.

The reality TV show called “Kyallo Kulture” will give fans a glimpse of her family and business life.

Miss Kyallo informed her fans of the good news via a trailer exhibiting what to expect, alongside the caption:

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“Finally! Oh my. Super super excited for our reality TV show with my beautiful sisters,” she remarked.

“The drama, love, hustle and sisterhood will be the best thing on Kenyan television,” added Betty.

According to a source from a local media outlet, the three sisters however needed some convincing to do the show, as revealed by Kyallo Kulture’s producer, Eugene Mbugua.

The production of the show took close to a year, with Eugene and D&R (Documentary and Reality-TV) studios expressing their joy at finally presenting the show in confidence;

“After close to a year in production, the team at D&R is happy to bring to you Kyallo Kulture,” said the producer.

The producer went ahead to praise the three sisters and acknowledged facts that drove his company and D&R studios into working with them;

“Gloria, Mercy, and Betty represent the urban Kenyan woman. They’re hard-working entrepreneurs, they like to have fun, and they are not in any way held back by what society thinks of them. They’re strong and unapologetic. These are the things that attracted our production company, D&R Studios, to them,” he expressed.

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Even though the other sisters are not as famous as Betty, the yet-to-air show has so far attracted a good number of audiences, eagerly awaiting the launch.



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