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Four Kenyans, did us proud in 2022 and landed among the 30 on the Forbes under 30.


Forbes Africa is a regional edition of the Forbes magazine, a leading publication that focuses on finance, business and technology in Africa.

Forbes 30 under 30 is a prestigious list that recognizes young entrepreneurs and innovators that are leaving footprints in their respective industries. They are breaking barriers and shattering glass ceilings from healthcare to technology. We are glad in the 2022 trailblazers list we had 4 women from Kenya leading the list.

1. Dr. Joan Ruguru  

Meet Dr. Joan Ruguru Kimani, a trailblazer in the area of Child Health and Parent. With only Ksh 3000 she started her company, Exciting Parenting, with the intention of creating awareness on children’s health and parenting.

She is currently the host of state of mind , a show that aims to tackle mental health issues and create awareness.

2. Elsa Majimbo

A Kenyan, comedian that brought laughter across her digital platforms during the height of the Covid- 19 pandemic. She went viral globally receiving recognition by top celebrities. This has landed her lucrative deals that have seen her taking the limelight.

3. Sylvia Gathoni

Sylvia Gathoni, dubbed QueenArrow is a 23 year old Kenyan Pro Gamer, a fierce e-sport opponent and an icon. We stun QueenArrow as the first e-sports athlete ever to make the renowned Forbes list.

4. Charlot Magayi

Founded in 2017, Mukuru Clean Stoves is a social enterprise that uses processed biomass i.e Charcoal, Wood and Sugarcane instead of burning dangerous solid fuels. They design, produce and distribute improved, reliable, and affordable cook stoves.

Charlot Magayi, the founder is an Environmental Scientist graduate.

We can’t wait to see who will be featured this year.

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