Some of the Simplest Things That AI Cannot Do

Artificial intelligence or AI refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and act like humans.


According to Madison report, Algorithm training informed by experience and interative processing allows the machine to learn, improve, and ultimately use human-like thinking to solve complex problems.

However, despite of technology being able to do more, there are also other simple things that it cannot do.

Some of the Simplest Things That AI Cannot Do.
Photo/Courtesy. AI brain structure.

One is for example going to college. AI cannot answer questions requiring inference, a nuanced understanding of language, or a broad understanding of multiple topics.

In other words, while scientists have managed to “teach” AI to pass standardized eighth grade and high school science tests, it has yet to pass a college entrance exam.

College entrance exams require greater logic and language capacity than AI is currently capable of and often include open-ended questions in addition to multiple choice.

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Another simple thing is driving a car. Even with so much advanced automotive innovation, self-driving cars cannot reliably and safely handle driving on busy roads.

This means that this tech for passenger cars is likely a long way off from full autopilot. Following a number of accidents, the industry is focusing on testing and development rather than pushing for full-scale commercial production.

Additionally, AI cannot watch and analyze football in a human interactive way. The technology can be described as brittle, meaning it can break down easily when encountering unexpected events.

Some of the Simplest Things That AI Cannot Do.
Photo/Courtesy. AI.

During the isolation of COVID-19, one Scottish soccer team used an automatic camera system to broadcast its match. But the AI camera confused the soccer ball with another round, shiny object, that is, a linesman’s bald head.

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Lastly is that the algorithm cannot prevent itself from buying things. In 2017, a Dallas six-year-old ordered a 170 dollar dollhouse with one simple command to Amazon’s AI device, Alexa.

When a TV news journalist reported the story and repeated the girl’s statement, ”..Alexa order me a dollhouse,” hundreds of devices in other people’s homes responded to it as if it were a command.

As smart as this technology is, Alexa and similar devices still require human involvement to set preferences to prevent voice commands for automatic purchases and to enable other safeguards.


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