Top Kenyan Photographers You Need To Know


Birthdays are an excuse for you to take well-photographed photos by a professional photographer and post it on your social media pages. If you want yours to stand out, tell a story and be a coveted piece of art then you need one of these three Kenyan-based photographers whose work speaks for themselves.


Mutua Matheka AKA Truthslinger

An award-wining travel and architectural photographer who of late has been venturing into portraits. Unlike your normal usual portrait, he has embraced abstract and technical portraits that tell stories and speak loud. During the lockdown, he took us through his journey of isolation through his pictures. It’s more of poetry through pictures with deep dark colours that are his signature aesthetic. His portraits of Sharon Mundia which he calls Nywele are breathtaking.

Visit Truthslingers website.

Mbugua Morris aka Mbuguamorriski

He has an eye for close-up portraits, especially for the female body. He captures every scar and insecurity and uses it to tell a story. He has a moody aesthetic that appreciates the African woman’s melanin. Not to forget his obsession with the Nairobi landscape that captures the vibe of the city and takes you through a tour of beautiful architecture.

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Maurice a Kenyan based photographer

Young Afrikanna

Young Afrikanna plays with a pop of colour and perfection of the human body. A look at his page is like entering into the spring season. Maximising the background as well as the person being photographed to create a story.

On your next birthday, I’d suggest you go big and book one of these talented photographers.


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