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Trauma Inflicted on Abducted Gen Z Protestors

A wave of abductions flooded the country in the month of June. With the main reason behind them being the Gen z protest. The kidnapped would go missing for a number of days reappearing looking disoriented and in fear.


At the beginning of the abduction saga netizens took to x with hashtags of freeing those captured. The reappeared abducted would not utter a word in what endeavor they had encountered leaving many questioning what had happened.

Lsk student leader Joshua okayo was one of the Kenyan youth that encountered the fatal abductions. In an interview on Tuesday on NTV Joshua narrated all he had gone through in the hands of his abductors.

On the eve of June 26 Joshua recalled being kidnapped by 3 people, handcuffed, head covered and thrown behind a vehicle before the vehicle drove to a location unknown to him. 

He recalled the torture he encountered as he was beaten up and suffocated. The aim of the assailants was to inquire on the demonstrations that were on going. Joshua in his interview narrated the questions he had been asked.

Who organised the demonstrations?,why were the youth demonstrating,who was giving the youth information on the IMF, those were among the questions the abductors were set on getting answers.

The kidnapping that occurred had many in shock as this was a method used in the KANU regime to suppress those who dared go against the government. With the political development of the country such antics were thought to be done away with.

With the government pulling its name way and not taking accountability on the abductions many have been left wondering what’s next and who are to take accountability for the kidnappings.

Despite trying to weaponize fear toward the Kenyan Youth, the fire of fight for democracy and ensuring the government does its work still burns bright.


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