Swindlers Steal Company on Forged Documents


Bungoma County businessman seeks for justice after two of his employees allegedly used forged documents to own a hydro-power company he co-established with five others.

He reported that the two used the window when he fell ill, taking advantage of his absence and little involvement of the other business partners to turn the table away from him, in their company based in Mt Elgon. 


The entrepreneur confirmed to the press that his business partners had long gave up on following the matter, but he was relentless in seeking for justice.

“The people took advantage of my health condition and decided to take the company for themselves,” he narrated on Saturday, December 18, in an interview with TV47.

He further reported that some of his partners passed away while he was sick and resting, and the two employees changed the directorship of the company. 

He reported that his family notified him of what had transpired after recovering. 

He claimed his business partners who are still alive gave up on following on the matter due to its complexity.

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However, he declared his relentlessness in regaining the company, noting progress.

“As we speak, the people who fraudulently took over the company have been arrested,”  he claimed in the interview with the media. 

The company in Mt Elgon was expected to tap into the market and produce electricity to benefit the locals.

According to the Company’s Act of 2015, ‘Before changing the director of a company, the initial director needs to resign through an official letter, be declared bankrupt, be dismissed from office, become afflicted with a mental illness, or be unable to serve on the board of directors’.

Some of the requirements for changing the directors include a resignation letter(s) from the director(s), an Affidavit of Resignation and the company minutes of when the director(s) quit.

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