Kasarani 4: Lady files report on how Obare conned her of KSh 100,000

By Mujidu Victor,

The murder of four friends whose bodies were found in Kijabe forest, took a new focal point after it was unveiled that a lady by the name Doreen Makena, had filed a complaint after she was conned of KSh 100,000 by one of the deceased, Fred Obare.

The bodies of Obare, Frank Obegi, Moses Nyachae, and Elijah Omeka were found in the forest badly mutilated, amid claims of their involvement in a cash and cryptocurrency scam.

According to statements recorded by Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) sleuths, Makena made a complaint against Obare over the said amount involving the acquisition of an academic writing account.

Obare, who went missing on Thursday, conceded to pay back the KSh 100,000 to Makena since he was not in a position to get another academic writing account.

The deceased was also involved in a cryptocurrency scandal which prompted his arrested by detectives at Kasarani, before handing him over to Ruiru Police Station. He settled the matter in May last year.

Nation has since established that Obare, who had business deals with Omeka, left his home in Santon last Thursday, for Ruiru where he was allegedly planning on selling another academic account.

Academic writing accounts are popular especially among university students but rogue sellers take advantage and sell faulty accounts to unsuspecting clients.

Stephanie Mburu, Obare’s wife informed detectives and family members that her husband told her he received a courtesy call from Makena and was to join her in filing a report at Kasarani Police Station.

On Thursday evening, Makena made a controversial call to Mburu asking her if her husband had arrived safely back home.

According to Obare’s brother Finley Mokaya, Obare’s phone was switched off at 2.30 pm the same day, moments after he spoke to Makena.

At Kasarani Police Station, Makena was told that she could not file a missing person report at the station which is located exactly 20 kilometers from Kamakis where she lived with Omeka. Rather, she was referred and told to report the matter at Ruiru Police Station.

However, when she arrived at Ruiru Police station the officers also asked her to report the matter at Gatong’ora Police Station, which was nearer where she lived.

 A senior detective privy to the investigations said officers wondered why she opted not to report the matter at Gatong’ora.

“On the same day, she was also in constant communication with Omoka, whom she said had gone missing two days earlier,” the detective said.

Similarly, Obare’s missing case was indistinguishable from that of Frank Obegi. 

According to the father, the deceased, who was a student at Multimedia University, possessed enormous quantities of money, despite him just being a student.

Evans, on the other hand, did not grasp the source of his son's income, which he spent on vacations and parties.

Speaking on Tuesday, June 21, Evans said the last time he was in contact with his son was in February when he visited their rural home in Kisii.

When questioned about his source of money, the deceased told him that he earns commission from selling air tickets online.

"He told me he was selling air tickets online. That is what he told me when he came from home. How he later came to be murdered still puzzles me as a parent. I'm in pain," expressed Evans.

The father went on to explain that anytime Frank had money, his phone would be switched off, sometimes even for a week.

He would only see his son posting new photos to his WhatsApp status, flying, and having a good time in Mombasa.

The family said they last spoke to the deceased on Tuesday, June 14, when his social media accounts had been removed for unknown reasons.

"This morning, I got the news from a friend who was close to him and knew where he was. He had been missing since Tuesday, according to the lady who notified me of his death, who went to City Mortuary and confirmed that it was him. That was the last time he was spotted online, and it was also the last time I heard from him,

"I discovered that he had been inactive on social media after learning of his death. His social media accounts have subsequently been erased, despite the fact that he was quite active on them," Lyton, the deceased's brother said.

Obegi had not reported any threats against his life, according to Leyton. He said their family resided in Kisii and only spoke with Obegi over the phone.

Lari Police Commander Adamson Furaha, confirmed the incident and told people that an inquiry has been launched to find the killers who are suspected of torturing the victims.

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