DP Ruto promises Mothers 3-month diaper cover for Newborns

By Benjy Kwabe,

Deputy President and Kenya Kwanza Presidential hopeful, William Ruto, has pledged a 3-month supply of diapers for all new Mothers, if elected.

Women empowerment has now emerged as on of the priorities in the Kenya Kwanza Alliance, as evident in the official launch of the Kenya Kwanza Women’s charter at Nyayo Stadium, with a proposal that will see the NHIF cover nursing mothers.

DP William Ruto said: “Our proposal as Kenya Kwanza is to make a part of the charter to provide pre-and post-natal care to all mothers and children, and mothers will be supplied with diapers for the first three months after birth under the NHIF.”

Ruto’s objective is to reduce the burden of costs in the essential provision of infant-care and other care placed on mothers and young families, addressing economic security and steep cost of living.

The charter, catering for solutions to women’s issues include; economic empowerment, women leadership, education and women, protection of women against sexual and gender-based violence, women’s health, women’s involvement in their environments, agriculture, and ownership of land by women.

DP also promised every school-going girl to acquire sanitary towels throughout their education to ensure females get hygiene products and curb dropouts as well as absenteeism.

He emphasized the 2022 elections was mainly about the people and that empowered women as a fundamental pillar for a strong and prosperous nation.

“The 2022 election is about the economy of the Republic of Kenya and its people. The face of this election is a woman, she is called mama mboga,” he said.

The Alliance of Kenya Kwanza has promised delivery of the largest number of women leaders and upon the formation of a government after winning the election, more women are to be appointed to Cabinet and several senior appointive posts.

""We will produce the most elected women Governors, setting a record in Kenya,” the DP said, aalluding to the Alliance’s gains.

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