Alarmed Citizens decry surge in Armed Robbery cases

By Benjy Kwabe,

CCTV footage showing a robbery of a woman in her home in Gataka, Ongata Rongai, posted online at 02:20 am this morning, has gone viral with citizens alarmed at the surge of armed robberies. 

The robbery witnessed in the chilling video shows the lady ambushed immediately after she drives into her compound.

As one of the thugs confronts the lady in the driver’s seat with a pistol to open the door and get out of the car, his fellow accomplice armed with a machete attempts to smash the window.

Upon failure to smash the window, he hands over the machete to his colleague who smashes the driver’s window after five strikes.

As the ordeal ensues, another thug emerges from the car park just as one more gunman enters the compound holding an AK-47 rifle through the half-open gate.

Having been outnumbered, the woman attempts to drive away but sees no escape she resorts to stopping.

Finally, with the window smashed, she is left with no choice but to step out into the hands of threatening gunmen who immediately ransack the vehicle for valuables.

A fifth robber then enters the compound shoving a flashlight around when moments later a sixth follows closely, the gunman holding an assault rifle pulls the woman towards her house.

Despite attempts by the woman to reason with the thugs, they forcefully lead her into the house.

One of the robbers goes through the other rooms as another ransacks the drawers and TV stands in the sitting room seeking valuables.

The hooded gunman then threatens the woman when two more robbers enter the house, one of them carrying a flashlight.

The ransacking thug grabs the lady, pushes her on the couch, and appears to slap her before taking off her shoes.

From the footage the thugs seem more interested in ransacking as they tirelessly continue packing valuables in a bag before the 45 seconds clip ran out.

It’s been less than a fortnight since robbers captured on CCTV footage, accosting a man at gunpoint in Kilimani, were handed life sentences by the court.

The judge termed the robbery with violence a grave crime as it threatens the life of a person and is a step towards potential murder.


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