Akutane na Wajackoyah Before Vasha - Kenyans tell Tarrus Riley

By Anne Desdemona,

Tarrus Riley, the iconic Jamaican-American reggae musician, is presently in Kenya to headline the 30th edition of the WRC Koroga Festival, which began on June 23 and will conclude on June 26 at the Garden in Moi South Lake Road in Naivasha.

Kenyans, upon hearing of his arrival, have requested him to meet with George Wajackoyah, the prospective presidential candidate of the Roots Party.

Tarrus originates from Jamaica, where medicinal marijuana is legal as well as smoking it in licensed dispensaries and private residences. Whereas Wajackoyah is planning to legalize it to cash in on the expanding global market, if he wins the 2022 General Election.

Kenyans say they are like two peas in a pod, as they both share plenty in common including appearance, with some already dubbing Tarrus a member of the 'Roots Party.'

The Roots Party presidential candidate says he will remove all flowers planted on the Nairobi Expressway and replace them with marijuana.

“There are flowers planted along the Nairobi Expressway for beautification purposes. That is a place that can be replaced with bhang. If you go around the Nairobi Expressway, you will find some flowers that have died. Why do we need all those decorations yet people are dying? All those flowers will be replaced with bhang,” he said.

Professor Wajackoyah is outspoken about the legalization of bhang saying it will enable Kenyans to settle the country’s debts as well as stabilize their economy.

Through the lens of how he will lead the country, Wajackoyah said the first 100 days would be “purely for public participation” on how to go about legalizing hemp in a country that has, since colonial days, known it as an illegal plant.

“It (weed) is something that God created among his plants,” he said, adding that marijuana has more goods than harms.Professor

 Wajackoyah is outspoken about the legalization of bhang saying it will enable Kenyans to settle the country’s debts as well as stabilize their economy.

Apart from legalizing bhang, part of the reforms the renowned lawyer plans to have in his government is having three days weekends instead of two.

“Working days would be between Monday and Thursday. Friday being a Muslim prayer day, would not be counted as a workday, and that Saturday and Sunday would also form part of non-working days,” he said while unveiling his manifesto.

Wajackoyah’s running mate Justina Wangui mid-last month announced that she would take her first puff of bhang on the day of their inauguration.

She said she had already asked for permission from her husband, Justina who claimed that she has never smoked weed.

“I have never puffed bhang but one thing I can assure you, I have even asked for permission from my husband, the moment we win, during the inauguration, tutapuff, kishash (bhang) lazima kiwashwe. But it’s only for that day.”

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